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Renewed Beginnings

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Makings of the Blog
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Now at 21 and turning 22 in the year of 2012, it definitely isn’t weird to start a new blog, or am I too old for one. In fact, I think it’s a good way to keep my English Language away from rust.

But the question, to readers or friends who know me, would probably be: Why have you moved?
(It’s always the same question, isn’t it?)

Well, to those who know me: Yes, I have moved. And as always, I have my reasons.

I felt that I needed to initiate a new life, a new strength, a new source of inspiration and energy, where this new beginning marks the very start of a life of deep appreciation. For everything, from darkness to light, from the ups to the downs, from colours to dullness, from strength to weakness, from victorious to defeat, etc. I want to mark down as many things of my everyday life, putting them into perspectives. To nurture the positive mindset and opinions of everyday happenings, to harness the positive strength and energy that will inadvertently keep pushing me forward despite the several hidden potholes in this journey fore. I want to remember the moments in this life that builds upon me, making me better and better each day. These will serve as constant reminders of my relentless pursuit for excellence and integrity in my life. I want to record new learnings, analysis, findings, discoveries or simply just share the day’s joy, possibly with a photo?

This is my digital diary.

The records of my Souls of Steel.

Welcome, and feel free to air your comments as you browse the entries.

P.S. ‘Phoenix’ is tagged in this post, but I’ll relate to it when I dig some history soon.