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50 Years. A milestone in its time. Half a century old. Singapore stood independent, relying on its only resource since the proclamation of its independence exactly 50 years ago – us, its citizens. And She still stands today. Strong. But not to be taken for granted.

An excerpt of the lyrics from We Are Singapore:

There was a time when people said
That Singapore won’t make it, but we did
There was a time when troubles seemed too much
For us to take, but we did
We built a nation, strong and free, reaching out together
For peace and harmony

I still remember my younger days in the 90s where National Day Parades always had this song playing. Back then, it meant really no significant amount of emotions and meaning for a kid who hadn’t even reach the age of 10. Now standing at half the age of Singapore’s, the outpouring of gratitude and overflow of emotions as I put all of me into voicing out a new classic – Home (composed by Dick Lee and first sung by Kit Chan), overwhelms me.

Many people did, indeed, look down upon this small little red dot in the world, during our humble beginnings. They believed we would never make it. Let alone, grow and progress as a nation from a third-world country to today’s first-world status, in merely a period of 50 years. We were buried under so many hard issues. We probably would have doubted ourselves some point along the way, again and again. But fortunately, each and everyone of us came together. We stayed united, cared for each other despite the differences we share, regardless of race, language or religion. The kampung spirit born out of its time. Racial harmony and understanding was one of our very first step to build this nation.

Our founding father and most of our forefathers have since left us. But they have set the ground for us and pave the way for the future. They laid the foundation, grew the roots, flourish the stem and sprouted some leaves and fruits.

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
Thank you Mr Sinnathamby Rajaratnam.
Thank you Dr Goh Kheng Swee.
Thank you Dr Toh Chin Chye.
Thank you Mr Lim Kim San.
Thank you Mr Hon Sui Sen.
Thank you Encik Yusof bin Ishak.
And thank you to all other forefathers, which I have yet to name, for my inadequacy in the history of the people who laid Singapore’s foundation.

It is troubling to say that with the development of today’s global society in this highly advanced world, complications in society development and human behaviour become more widespread. Expectations built upon expectations. And the purity and simplicity of life and love gets entangled with unending distractions, gradually siphoning simple joys out of the equation.

But there is always hope, lying around. We know it and we see it.

It has been truly heartwarming to see people uniting together to perform a simple deeds of good faith. Just like the example our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, has mentioned in his National Day Message yesterday, people came together instinctively to lift a lorry to save a man trapped under. People singing to the song, Home, on the MRT, together. (Home on MRT)

I see new hope in this nation. A growing flame. A flame of warmth and love.

This togetherness, the feeling of one united effort, that warmth in the heart. Doesn’t it really just goes to show how much we, Singaporeans, as one united nation, can truly contribute to our home?

Struggles as there will always be. Challenges come as they may. Appreciate our present and live out our future, together.

So what do you want for the next 50 years for Singapore, Singaporeans?

I hope that we stay undivided, find strength in our unity, take heart in each other differences, criticise objectively and knowledgeably, fight to defend one another’s ideal and don’t be too quick to judge. For, greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends – John 15:13 NIV

Because this is our Home, truly.

If we can come together as one, to save our fellow man. Then there’s no less to say of what we can do for our beloved country.

And I thank God, for His grace given to this land and its people, His blessings through these 50 years and pray for His continual blessings and love for this nation.

To end off, I just want to feature some music videos in this entry that sums up togetherness, joy, and thriving.

Home Music Video (39 Singapore Singers) – Not the classic version, but definitely there’s warmth in unity

Our Singapore – JJ Lin – Light-hearted and Joyful

Snow Flower – Lorraine Tan – Through the storms, we thrive and grow stronger.