I am Dennis Tan. I currently live in Singapore and engage in many professional activities.

I deal mainly with landscape photography in my typical field photo “excursions”, capturing scenic, breathtaking, vivid and/or vibrant shots. If there’s a need to process the photos, I will spend some time to tweak them to give the scenes more credit in their awesomeness. So if you happen to want a digital print of any photos which you happen to fancy on this blog, contact me with the details of the photos, size and delivery details. I will get back to you asap. Interested parties who are of not residing locally or parties who wish to have the original digital photo, please notify me through my email, provided at the bottom of this page, as well.

I am also a Coach in Sports Shooting, developing athletes in ISSF 10m Air Rifle & Air Pistol events. I have been coaching since 2009, and is trained in various aspects of sports science and also sports psychology.

I am also currently learning German, in preparation to further my studies over there!

Das ist alles!
Dank für das Lesen!


Airtime here!

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