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Mmm, it’s about a week from my first monthly shoot and my first actual competitive match for the 3P event. Well, once again, I’m late to post. I guess I really can’t deny I feel kinda lazy to blog sometimes, possibly because I’m just too tired to put my English to creative use or I’m just too busy caught up with doing other things …like Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook. (Man, it’s so addictive, it’s like a drug now.)

Honestly, the only proper training I had, was the day before the monthly shoot. Proper defined as practice for each of the positions within the same day. In fact, to add to the list of inadequacies, I practised with way less than the quantity of rounds fired in an actual match. So…yea, number 1 reason for below average performance: extreme lack of PROPER training.

I shot a total of 1011, consisting of Prone: 367, Standing: 320, Kneeling: 324.

Well, at least I met my training objective that day. What I wanted was only to ensure I have, at the least, a relatively appropriate configuration to shoot decently. Not the best but good enough to get me through. So having met those objectives, I was satisfied, even though I knew that the belief or expectation that I definitely do too well at the monthly shoot was apparent. Maybe that was a self-imposed limiting factor I may have unconsciously placed on myself.

On the shoot itself, I must say I was still feeling pretty much under-prepared for one reason because I barely knew how the format of the match is going to be. And that is a challenge…because well, it’s my first time and I had not done any trials for a full match on myself. So yea, prone was normal, as always. I just did it like any prone monthly shoots. But the anxiety for the debut match in 3-positions got my heart beating a little faster than usual. Naturally, that led to a few undesirable follow-up consequences. The increased rate of heart-beat was distracting, increases your muscles’ tension, accelerated rate of┬áhomeostasis which in this case, perspiration, and heightened digestion and use of energy.

No doubt, perspiration seem to got a little too exaggerating. For every position when I removed my shooting jacket, it’s one or both of the following: the jacket got heavier and/or it got more damp. By the end of the event, I was like: “Hmmm. Okay, the jacket and innerwear is definitely drenched. And the weather is offering extreme drying services with a strong afternoon sun and a clear sky. Alright, I think I’ll just stop shooting for the day.” Seriously, the volume of perspiration couldn’t get more ridiculous than what it already was! The stench from the corrosive sweat smell…gosh, it’s x3!!!

And there’s more! Before I started shooting on the final position: Kneeling, I got a quick bite and finished half the serving of my takeaway. In fact, while finishing up my last series for my Standing position, the stomach has already started to grumble for food. This is an event that transforms hungry humans to hungry monsters! Woah.

I don’t know what to say. Must have been hell. Even running a half-marathon takes lesser time to shoot this whole event. Can you believe it? A half-marathon is physically crippling, reduces fat mass, and zombie-like if they make you start the race at 5 in the morning. A 3-Positions match is more or less static, extremely mentally exhausting, and gets you perspiring as much any physically engaging event because of the horridly humid weather here. But there’s a common similarity, they both have the ability to knock you out for hours because of the extreme fatigue the body gets from the activity.

But this is only my first of more to come…

What can I expect down the road? We’ll see…