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The End of Another Milestone – ASM 2012

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Shooting
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2012 seems to be a pretty eventful year so far. With the month of February down, I have crossed yet another major milestone for my NS period, for 2012, for my shooting career. The second for the year. Of which, the first, in January, left me with a truly unforgettable experience. So much so that, I would consider it life-changing.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, ASM has been a much awakening journey, reminding me that it takes intentional effort to continually appreciate the people we have around us, to experience life in a Zen perspective. Because it’s so hard not to fall prey to temptations and the devils in life, enjoyment seems to be taken at face value all too often. We forget the effort we need to put in to earn this joy. We give in to the evils in our ways, turned lazy and stop fighting for the truest life to integrate with nature.

And so does initiating a change in yourself. That takes on the utmost effort to stay in the game. Initiating is easy. It’s always the midst that puts your strength and determination to the test, just to see how much you truly want it.

Well, I think, what I will do for the rest of this is to dedicate a couple of lines of appreciation to the team members in the 9DIV/INF rifle shooting team for this 2012’s ASM:

Champions we are. Honouring sports as true athletes. Whether medals, trophies, or nothing to our names, we are a victorious team in our own performances and in our eyes, staying true to our integrity. Nothing beats it!

Continue to excel in your life, doing and giving what you know you must.